Greenrich UP5000 Rack Mount 51.2v Lithium Battery (VAT incl)

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Full Circle Solar – Buy Greenrich UP5000 Lithium Battery 51.2V in South Africa

a) Overvoltage protection;
b) Undervoltage protection;
c) short-circuit protection;
d) Low temperature charge protection;
e) High temperature charge protection;
f ) Low temperature discharge protection;
g) High temperature discharge protection;
h) Charge over-current protection;
i ) Discharge over-current protection;
j) Dormancy function;
k) RS485 communication;
l ) CAN communication.
m)RS232 communication

10 years warranty, > 6000 cycles life
1)For better battery life cycles,we suggest charge in 43A(0.5C @25℃)
2)For better battery life cycles,we suggest discharge in 43A(0.5C @25℃)
3)Peak Current excludes repeated short duration (less than 100ms) of current pattern.

Greenich UP5000 Data Sheet

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