Sunsynk Battery 208Ah 10.65Kwh 51.2V (CATL Cells) (VAT Incl.) Excl Cable pack

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Full Circle Solar- Buy Sunsynk 10.65 KWH Battery in South Africa

Sunsynk 208AH 10.65kWh 51.2V Battery (Built with CATL)

  • Built with CATL Lithium Ion cells
  • Operates at a Voltage of– 51.2V
  • Capacity –  10.65kWh/208Ah
  • Maximum (DoD) Depth of Discharge is – 100%
  • IP40
  • Voltage ( Cut off)– 45.6V
  • Voltage (Bulk)– 56.16V
  • Charging Current – 50A (Charge I)
  • Maximum recommended discharge Charging Current – 50A
  • Standard Discharging I – 50A
  • Size 836 x 550 x 160 @ 90Kg
  • Up to 8 in parallel

Sunsynk Lithium Battery 208Ah 10.65kWh 51.2V: Redefining Energy Storage

This Sunsynk battery offer unparalleled performance and reliability. With an hefty capacity of 208 ampere-hours (Ah) and a substantial energy reserve of 10.65 kilowatt-hours (kWh) at a voltage of 51.2V, this lithium battery sets new standards in the realm of energy storage solutions.

  1. Enhanced Capacity: Powering Homes and Businesses

The Sunsynk Lithium Battery 208Ah 10.65kWh 51.2V boasts an enhanced capacity, making it ideal for both residential and commercial installations. With ample energy reserves, users can power various electrical appliances, lighting systems, and industrial equipment with confidence.

  1. Extended Cycle Life: Sustainable and Cost-Efficient

With it’s  advanced lithium-ion technology, the Sunsynk Lithium Battery offers an extended cycle life, ensuring sustainable and cost-efficient energy storage solutions for the long term. With the ability to withstand numerous charge and discharge cycles, users can rely on this battery to provide consistent and reliable power.

  1. Rapid Charging and Discharging: Optimizing Energy Flow

The Sunsynk Lithium Battery is efficient in both charging and discharging processes, facilitating seamless energy flow within the system. With quick charging capabilities, the battery can efficiently absorb energy from solar panels during periods of peak sunlight, maximizing energy production.

  1. Advanced Battery Management System (BMS): Ensuring Safety and Stability

Safety is paramount, and the Sunsynk Lithium Battery incorporates a sophisticated Battery Management System (BMS) to monitor and regulate its operation. The BMS ensures optimal performance by balancing cell voltages, preventing overcharging or over-discharging, and safeguarding against potential thermal issues

Cable pack Sold Separately

If used with Sunsynk Inverter extended warranty to 10 years T & Cs apply

10.65Kw Sunsynk Battery Data Sheet

Extended Warranty Document

Sunsynk Warranty Docs

Sunsynk Battery Documents online

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