FlameBlock Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher (VAT incl.)

June 5, 2024 1:28 pm Published by

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FlameBlock Lithium Battery Fire Extinguisher

How does it work?
The FlameBlock Lithium Black (FLB) is a complex mixture of minerals and dissolved organic and
inorganic materials that is based on nano-technology and large scale interruption of the
combustion chemistry to achieve enhanced flame extinguishing properties. There are no
synthetic polymers added to the formulation. The ingredients in the Lithium Black impart unique
properties to the final product. Through ionic and hydrogen bonding of the nano-additives, a three
dimensional gel structure is obtained that gives the final product storage stability and imparts the
formation of a layered coating on the battery. Other ingredients play a role in increasing the
boiling point of the product as well as decreasing the freezing point. These additives actively
promote cooling of the intense heat of the lithium-ion battery fire.

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