Growatt SPF5000ES 5Kw 48v Inverter Incl WIFI Dongle (VAT Incl.)

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· Integrated MPPT charge controller.
· Equalization charging function.
· Work with battery or without battery.
· Maximum PV input voltage up to 450VDC.
· Configurable grid or solar input priority.
· Optional WIFI/ GPRS remote monitoring. Available separately
· Support parallel operation for capacity expansion up to 30kW.
· PV and Grid power the load jointly if PV energy insufficient.
· Flexibly schedule the Inverter charging and discharging time.

  • Recommended AC INPUT Breaker: 40A
  • Recommended AC OUTPUT Breaker: 16A

1. Power factor 1.0
2. MPPT solar charge controller
3. PV input voltage up to 430VDC
4. WIFI/GPRS remote monitoring
5. Compatible with generator power
6. Configurable output and charging priority
7. Parallel operation available
8. Compatible with lithium battery
9. Work with battery or without battery
10. Adjustable inverter charging and output time
11.Equalization charging function
12.SUB working mode

Growatt SPF5000ES Data Sheet