8kW Deye Hybrid Inverter only VAT (incl), incl Free WiFi Card

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Deye New 8Kw Hybrid Inverters are very efficient at managing power. It can combine and manage utility, solar and battery inputs to supply your load, as well as managing Generator inputs. It can be used purely as a backup inverter or a Solar Inverter to charge batteries and supply load or it can feed excess solar power back to the grid. The units can communicate with Various battery BMS’s and units can be monitored remotely via the Deye Dongle from anywhere there is wifi signal. 




• Pure Sine wave input at 220V 1Phase.
• Back up, or grid tied.
• Automatic restart after grid fail and return.
• Programmable supply priority for battery or grid
• Programming  AC or solar or generator as priority charging
• Built in protection against temp, overload and short circuit
•  anti Islanding when AC fails.
• Deye Wi-Fi remote monitoring with 2 x MPPT’s

Units can be paralleled, Works with BSL, Hubble and Deye Batteries

Must be installed by a Qualified installer with a COC issued or warranty will be voided

8kw Deye Inverter Data Sheet

NRS Certificate