5kW Deye Hybrid Inverter incl WIFI dongle, only VAT (incl)

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Deye -5KW

The Deye Inverter is a great start to your solar journey. It can manage power from many sources such as mains grid, solar & geny then using its battery storage to supply loads when needed. 

• It can be used as a UPS with no solar panels connected 
• It can feed excess power back to the grid if enabled
• it can be paralleled with another unit to make a 10Kw system


• Supplying a pure Sine wave At 230V single phase
• Grid feed option
• Automatically restarts after AC returns
• Supply load from Solar or grid or Battery

• Battery comms or voltage settings
• Large  LCD display for  setting
• Works with Utility or generator.
• Overload / over-temperature / short-circuit protection
• Wi-Fi monitoring for remote access with 2 x MPPt’s.
• Non essential load function.

Includes Wifi Dongle with Deye monitoring App.

Must be installed by a Qualified installer with a COC issued or warranty will be voided


NRS Certificate