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  • Leo Leydekkers says:

    South Africa is one of the world’s least energy efficient nations. We use approximately 40% of Africa’s electricity, and are the 11th highest emitter of greenhouse gasses in the world.
    Only about 90% of the energy, generated at the power station, gets to the end-user (at the socket-outlet). The rest is lost in transmission line losses etc. on the national grid.
    Most coal-fired power plants are only about 35% efficient – meaning that 65% of the energy capacity in the coal is lost at the power station alone. This, coupled with a 90% (of 35%) grid efficiency, means that only about 30% of the coal energy gets to the consumer.
    Which means we waste 70% of a rapidly diminishing fuel source.
    The above statistic relates to our electricity usage but, even more disturbing, is our refined fossil fuel usage:
    The internal combustion engine (ICE) is only about 16% (petrol) and 20% (diesel) efficient (at the wheels) – meaning we waste at least 80% of the refined fuel efficiency. But wait, it gets worse: That is the maximum efficiency. At any driving speed below rated maximum engine power, the efficiency rapidly deteriorates. At city speeds the efficiency can be as low as 5%. Yes, no printing error here – 5 (five)%.
    In addition to this, an average 1600cc (1.6l) family sedan requires 160Wh per km at 80km/h. A simple 30km journey requires 160 x 30 = 4.8kWh (at the wheels). This must be multipled by the efficiency at the wheels of an IEC: 4.8kW x 10% = 48kWh. In practical terms, this means that an average trip to work (15km) and back (15km) uses up almost 50kWh of energy. This is enough to power an average home for 5 days!
    What this all means is that we, South Africans, waste an awful amount of power.
    There is NO doubting the good and worth of installing solar energy. Good for the consumer and good for the environment.
    Leo Leydekkers, South African Bureau of Standards

  • Paul says:

    This light is super Bright

  • Mqhele Ndlovu says:

    They are serving me well so far , i have 2 of them 200Ah and are giving me some 14 good hours on an average of 600W constant load