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FCS 3kw VP Plug and Play Panel excl battery and cables (VAT incl)

R16,499.00 R15,000.00

This easy to install and use 5kw 48v Plug and Play wall mount panel includes:

  • 3kw VP 42v Inverter
  • Input surge protection
  • 32A Input c/b
  • 15A Output c/b
  • Changeover switch
  • Earth Leakage
  • Solar isolator
  • Solar fuses for 4 strings of 1 in series
  • Battery Fuse
  • Surge protected 3 pin plug
  • Multiplug adaptor


Battery and battery cables, these can be purchased separately.

Made to order

Also available in

  • 1kw 12v
  • 3kw 24v VP
  • 3kw 24v King
  • 5kw 48v King
  • 5kw 48v MKS II

info@fullcirclesolar.co.za for details and pricing

3kw VP Manual

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