200AH AGM Batteries (VAT incl.)

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Batteries can make or break a good Inverter system.

Full Circle Solar’s supplies Batteries which are Valve regulated Lead Acid AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) (click here to find out more) and are used as standby power for communication, power, military and broadcast and television system offering a 1000 life cycles.

They possess precise ABS heat seal technology between container and lid and patented post seal structure.

The design float life is12 years at 25℃.

Our batteries offer a far superior life cycle at lower discharge percentages than most other batteries in the market, that is why they are used by the largest cellular operators in South Africa.

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1 Comment

  • Mqhele Ndlovu says:

    They are serving me well so far , i have 2 of them 200Ah and are giving me some 14 good hours on an average of 600W constant load

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