1Kva – 1 x 170AH (12v) Batteries Power Trolley (VAT incl.)

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Full Circle Solar’s Power Trolley is a PURE SINE WAVE unlike other models on the market which are MODIFIED SINE WAVE. Designed to be portable and for use almost anywhere.

Full Circle Solar’s Power Trolley has a  built in C/B, Earth Leakage and Fuse Protection for added safety protecting your loved ones, unlike many other models on the market. This adds an extra cost, but you cannot put a price on the safety of your loved ones. With 4 x plug socket outlets available  for your convenience. It is silent and virtually Maintenance free.


  • Pure Sine wave inverter.
  • 3Kva or 1Kva available.
  • Option of: 170Ah or 100Ah AGM (absorbed Glass matt) Batteries.
  • Fully protected unit, Earth Leakage, Circuit breaker and fuse protection (unlike other models on the market).
  • 4 x Plug socket outlets.
  • The trolley is fully portable.
  • Can be used anywhere in the house, flat, townhouse or business.
  • Ideal as a long run UPS for computer servers.
  • Silent operation.
  • 4 x plugs available.
  • Fast changeover from Utility to Inverter.
  • Solar Panels can be added.
  • Built in Battery charger.
  • Maintenance Free.

What can I run (when using a 1KVa with 170Ah Batteries)

Output 800watts Surge 2000VA

Pure sine wave

Can run the following continuously:

  • 10 x LED(5w) = +-50w/hour
  • LED 42 inch TV +-80w/hour
  • DSTV +-50w/hour
  • Alarm system +-50w
  • Computer +- 350w
  • Electric Fence +-300w
  • TOTAL 880w/hour

Can run the following 1 at a time:

  • Electric gate +-300w
  • Microwave +- 1300w
  • Kettle +- 1500w
  • Toaster +- 1000w

Battery Capacity:

  • 2040w x 0.7(using 70% of Battery) x 0.95 (Inverter Efficiency)
  • = 1357w Available / 880 w
  • = 1.5 Hours run time

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