150Ah 7.2Kw 48V Narada Lithium Ion Battery (VAT incl)

August 17, 2021 9:38 am Published by


Narada NPFC series is a complete range of 48V LiFePO (Lithium Iron 4
phosphate) battery products, for a wide variety of applications, such as
telecom base station, UPS, renewable energy system,
etc., with advanced life, standard size, light weight and strong
environmental adaptability.


Battery Management System(BMS)
For standard Narada lithium battery module, BMS is applied to
monitor voltage, current, temperature of cells and module, take
protections against over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, overtemperature,
under-temperature and short circuit, etc., and provide cell
balancing and current limitation during charging process to ensure a
reliable safety and excellent performance.
Meantime, Narada supply customized upper computer software for
BMS communication via RS485 to set parameters or read
monitoring data.

PLEASE NOTE: If a battery is returned due to a fault, and if the BMS is damaged and unable to retrieve data This will void the Warranty. There will then be a cost to repair.

150Ah Data Sheet